The Highland Music scene

Before becoming a member of a band in the Highlands I didn’t really pay attention to the music scene here. I would travel miles to see well known bands and, for some reason, thought that was what I had to do to see quality live music.  How wrong I was!! Now, as a regular audience... Continue Reading →

It’s been a long time…

I had to look back to find out when my last blog was written and what it was about because it’s been so long. Thought it had only been a few weeks since my last post but looks like its more like a few months!  I even needed to change my bio to aged 20... Continue Reading →

The Next Chapter

You may have noticed I have not written a blog post in a few weeks. I started the 3rd year of my degree in September and have found that the time has raced by.  Checking the date of my last blog post confirmed for me that time does fly. I can't really get my head round being... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Highlands

  Our band, Carma, has kept me busy over the last fortnight with five gigs in the space of twelve days, one unplanned! Our first gig was at a Glachbeg Croft where we played a half  hour set, on a very hot day, which led us nicely into our first song "The Warmest Day".  Glachbeg... Continue Reading →


That’s Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival over for another year, what a busy time we had at it. It certainly was challenging to try and see everyone we wanted to see in between our performances but we tried our best! Belladrum is a great venue for seeing both established artists and those at the start of... Continue Reading →

Enjoying the music

Last weekend I went to another Beautiful Nairn night with Roberto Cassani headlining. We also had a couple of sets from Nicky Murray and Chloe Rodgers and Hamish MacDonald.  When we arrived Roberto was extremely welcoming and played down how entertaining he proved to be. Nicky Murray and Chloe Rodgers opened the evening - Nicky's... Continue Reading →

Big News, Big News

I have been up to so much over the past couple of weeks. Firstly 'Carma' had a gig at Balloch Gala, where we played 2 sets, with a good size crowd coming to watch us! We had two sets throughout the day that were both successful and fun to play. It was a great day,... Continue Reading →

5 Things

  I was very lucky to go to a music plus song writing workshop with the very talented Rachel Sermmani who I had never heard live before. It was held at Glachbeg Croft where I have played a couple of times.  It was a popular event, Rachel was very welcoming and friendly. Her guitar was... Continue Reading →

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